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The Body’s Spring Cleaning

      The season change from Winter to spring is one of the most stressful and fatiguing times of the year for the body. The season transition can cause unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, allergies, flu and sinus flare ups. Chinese medicine understands the liver (yang) and its partner the gall bladder (yin) detoxify and repair in the spring season. By the way, the liver makes anti-histamines. A healthy liver can keep up with the process of detoxification and the increased allergen demands of spring. This is why our Natural Allergy Relief* supplement deals with spring symptoms and at the same time nutritionally supports the liver and gall bladder (LV/GB) at this time of increased stress. Unlike standard decongestants and antihistamines that can dry you out and cause blood pressure problems.

      Spring correlates with the Wood element (LV/GB) which governs the tissues that hold us together. Ligament tendons and muscles. This is why people ache all over when they have liver stress, toxicity and diet caused by poor lifestyle choices or medication side effects. Therefor fatigue, muscle weakness, spinal problems and arthritis are present or worsen in the spring season. This explains why a spring detox and nutritionally supporting the liver causes joint aches and pains to leave. The LV meridian has a direct effect on eye function. Vision and the tear producing mechanisms are affected by the LV/GB meridian imbalance. We offer homeopathic Optique eye drops that are great for dry eyes and allergies. In Chinese medicine we look to the eye and nail tissues to give us an indicator of the LV/GB health. The wind of spring effects our health. Overexposure to spring wind can compromise LV/GB meridian. The LV/GB circuit rules the morning and in healthy balance gives one the capacity to arise energized for the day. A sluggish liver will make a slow morning riser. The liver is the body’s master laboratory, largest internal organ and it is 96% water (Hydrate and H2O*). Essentially it stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body. It is involved in the formation and breakdown of the blood, and filters toxins from the blood. The liver aids in metabolism, maintaining 60% of the blood sugar levels (Glucofactor*). It can form Vitamin A and stores it along with other vitamins like D and B-Complex. It also stores mineral such as copper, zinc, and iron.

      From a natural viewpoint, when the liver is overloaded, it is less able to detoxify the blood, and prisons remain, causing inflammation and leading to many acute and chronic problem such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Too much of any food, but especially alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fried oils and meats, can be toxic to the liver and gall bladder. The liver calls make bile which aids in digestion, and stores bile in the gall bladder to be used in the intestines for the breakdown of fats. Improper function may cause constipation, gas and cramping in the abdomen, most commonly in the right upper abdomen, as well as “referred” pains to the shoulders and the back between the shoulder blades. (Digestive Relief, Dandiplex, Hydrandeaplex*)

      Most illnesses (physical, mental, and emotional) are a result of excess toxins. Schedule a biofeedback balance to identify which toxins are compromising your health. Healing is the elimination or cleaning of these toxins and achieving a balance intake of intake and output. SPRING IS THE PERFECT TIME TO START CLEANSING (Fibercleanz*) AND/OR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (hCG*). We have many options available for your specific need.

*Product available at Natural Healing Centers.

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