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I don't think it was by any accident that I found Dr. Rose and her staff at Natural Healing Centers.  I'm not even sure what prompted me to flip through the phone book scanning the yellow pages for chiropractors in my area.  After years of suffering from gastrointestinal issues and heart palpitations I didn't know where else to turn.  I had been told by countless medical doctors and cardiologists that the type of heart palpitations I was experiencing were not going to harm me and so I should just learn to live with them.  Well as anyone who has ever experienced heart palpitations can tell you, that is much easier said than done!  For years I would go in and out of good and bad spells, and the palpitations would wax and wane without any seeming rhyme, reason or trigger.  I spent weeks walking around with monitors stuck to my chest hoping that someone somewhere would finally give me some answers and possibly a solution or remedy that actually worked.  I was offered a daily beta blocker medication which did nothing to relive the palpitations, it only made me feel run down.  It wasn't until many years (and many panic attacks) later that I finally realized a connection between my heart and my stomach.  During times of gastrointestinal upset my heart would get all out of whack.  Frankly I was proud of this discovery and relived to have finally pinned down a trigger, but when I mentioned the heart-stomach connection to my doctors I was laughed at and told that my stomach issues were merely a result of anxiety and was offered a six month course of Zoloft...which I took for four days and had an immediate allergic reaction to.  So for many years it was back to the drawing board!  I knew in my case that my stomach did indeed have something to do with my heart and it's behavior, but not one traditional medical doctor would acknowledge this.  I felt very alone and spent lots of time and way too much money dabbling in supplements that I researched myself online.  In doing this I probably managed to mess up my systems even more than they already were and was no closer to feeling any better.  As I said before, I'm not really sure what made me reach for the phone book that Friday morning that I called Natural Healing Centers, and I actually felt very sheepish and apprehensive dialing the number.  After all, my whole life I assumed chiropractors existed only for people who had either been in an accident or hurt their back pulling weeds!  Natural Healing Centers was able to see me the very same day that I called for a new patient exam.  I explained my symptoms to the nurse, and I also explained that I felt like I might be in the wrong office barking up the wrong tree for the types of things I was experiencing.  However, she assured me that my symptoms were indeed very treatable through chiropractic care!  In a matter of minutes I was diagnosed by Dr. Rose with having a hiatal hernia that she guessed had been present for several years.  She explained to me that the heart and the stomach do, in fact, share a common nerve called the vagus nerve and that yes, indeed, they can have an effect on one another.  What a break through!!!      I can tell you that I have personally worked in the healthcare field, and have had my fair share of visits to various doctors.  This was the first time I have ever been treated with such empathy and compassion.  My concerns were listened to, validated and best of all...real, natural relief was offered and not in the form of yet another drug!  In a matter of one short week my stomach issues were literally gone.  I was finally able to visit the bathroom a normal amount of times in one morning.  No more burning acid creeping up into my throat during the night.  And with the resolution of my stomach problems, the heart palpitations have subsided drastically as well.  Dr. Rose told me during one of my visits that she is one of the only chiropractors in the area who is capable of correcting hiatal hernia's such as mine.  Apparently they are known as the "great mimic", and can be responsible for a number of underlying health issues.  As I said before, I don't think it was by any accident that I picked Natural Healing Centers from the phone book.  She and her staff have been an answer to prayer.  I have finally found help and relief from my years of suffering.  I hope my story will encourage others who have never considered chiropractic care to at least consult Dr. Rose and her staff to explore healthy, natural alternatives to medications and drugs.  It isn't just for people with back problems.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to finally experience relief, and as Dr. Rose said on one of my very first visits; "You don't have to live like this."



Michael was born August 7, 1991. He was born with a derived chromosome #6 abnormalities. He was missing the corpus callosum   which connects the left and right side of the brain and transfers information back and forth so this along with his other abnormalities caused Michael to be mentally and psychically challenged.   Had was diagnosed with failure to thrive and lazy eye, club foot, seizures, hearing loss and many other conditions.   When we were sent home from the hospital they said that he would probably be in a pumpkin seat and spoon fed most of his life.

We had just moved to Washington Mo from St. Louis when Michael was born and I was looking for some help for Michael and found Dr Rose and her staff.   Michael started going to Dr. Rose when he was a tiny baby and she was one of the few people that gave me suggestions to work to help with  Michael. She had us doing cross crawling and exercises for the lazy eye.     He did not walk until he was 4, but he walked. That was more than the doctors said he would do.   His eye improved and his club foot.

There have been many hurdles along the way and Dr. Rose was always there to help with the next bump in the road and try whatever we could to overcome that situation.

   Michael is now in a group home and that also was from the help of Dr. Rose. She helped get Michael into a very nice group home where he is in a structured environment and comes home on the week-ends.    Michael is a very happy young man and thanks to Dr. Rose and staff he has thrived passed the expectation of the doctors.picture-001.jpg









Our Experience with the Natural Healing Center in Union MO and

Ozone Treatment for Bladder Cancer


Six years ago – at age 83 – our dad, Ernie, began his battle with bladder cancer. Since 2008 he has had not only annual surgeries to remove cancerous tumors from his bladder, but also several doctors and urologists who performed the necessary procedures related to the surgeries. In April 2013 following yet another surgery to remove as much as possible of the cancerous tissue that had returned, he was told by the surgeon that the bladder cancer was no longer operable. The urologist’s recommendation … begin BCG therapy – a treatment that places live tuberculosis bacteria directly into the bladder creating a type of war zone within.   There were no guarantees except for the expectation of an indefinite period of painful and bloody urination for the patient. The only other suggestion was to consult an oncologist. Neither of these options was appealing to Dad.

 For several years, Dad had been reading about ozone therapy as a treatment for cancer and asked us, his daughters, to locate a doctor trained in ozone therapy and, if possible, located within a reasonable distance of our home here in Illinois.   Our search led us to a doctor in St. James, MO - Dr. Brent Caudill – trained in ozone therapy and about two hours from us. In May 2013, we contacted him and discovered that on Thursdays, he was located in a Union, MO office – only an hour and 15 minutes from us … the Natural Healing Center.   After a consultation in May 2013, Dad began ozone treatments the first week of June 2013, twice a week. By August 2013, following a regular cystoscopy by the urologist, the treatment schedule was adjusted to once a week.

 At the end of October 2013, the cystoscopy revealed two small tumors on the prostate which were removed by the urologist. No new cancer tissue was found in the bladder. Ozone treatments resumed but the schedule was adjusted to once a month, November 2013 through January 2014.

 The most recent scoping procedure, January 31, 2014, revealed no new cancer tissue in the prostate or bladder. Dr Caudill recommended staying with the monthly treatment schedule until the next cystoscopy in May 2014.

 Dad turned 88 on his last birthday in 2013. He has had no side effects from the ozone treatments and continues to do whatever he feels like doing on any given day. He says that he feels better now than he has in a long time … that is our observation as well.

 Words cannot begin to adequately express our gratitude to the doctors and staff at the Natural Healing Center.   As his daughters who provide transportation and scheduling support for Dad’s visits to the Center, we could not be more pleased with the courtesy, patience, and personalized care that Dad receives during each appointment. The staff knows how to balance professionalism with making the patient feel like he/she is part of a family … the Natural Healing Center family.

 You can be sure, we are spreading the word to anyone open to “out-of-the-

box thinking” regarding cancer treatments … call the Natural Healing Center.

We are so thankful we did.

       Ernie’s Family


March 2014- Kellie and Ernie



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