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Dr. Fischer, RN, DC  

Specializes in nutritional counseling, weight loss, anti-aging, biocompatable hormone therapy, ADD, and ADHD. Addressing all facets of your health from prenatal care to maximizing the quality of living throughout life.











Dr. Patrick Meuth, DC, ART  

Specialized in treatment of headaches, jaw pain, shoulder problems, foot problems, carpal tunnel as well as neck and back issues. 

Uses state of the art technology to analyze nutritional deficiencies in your body and recommends top tier supplementation to help your body run at optimal level

Lifestyle Coach





Kellie Buchman, RN

Takes the hands on approach to natural healing and nursing.  She brings alternative care to a new level with her higher perspective and extensive knowledge of nutrition, homeopathy, diet and natural therapies.


Dr. Steven Zilke, PT, DC

We are happy have Dr. Steven Zilke’s expertise in physical therapy. By understanding the problem, thoroughly approaching the whole person and using the latest technology physical therapy gives a well rounded plan of care to the patient suffering from neuropathy. Some of the therapies practiced by the physical therapist are infrared light therapy, whole body vibration technology, electrical muscle stimulation, specific targeted exercises and more.